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custom aviation moldsInjection molding is a complex and difficult process that doesn’t always produce products that match the original developer’s vision. Variables abound, and product designers don’t always consider injection molding guidelines, which complicates the molding process and increases the risk of inconsistencies and flaws.

Injection molding can enhance efficiency, strength and profitability for manufacturers and product owners by paying attention to detail and practicing. Here are five things about injection molding you probably didn’t know.

1. Texture can be built right into the mold.

You’re right! Adding texture to your finished product does not require a second process. The mold can instead be etched or milled to finish it. As a result, your product will be textured uniformly, saving you time and money.

2. Speed is the key to successful thin-wall molding.

Do you know why you should care? It takes less energy to cool thin-wall moldings. By using less material, you reduce costs and reduce cooling time, which results in a faster cycle time. Using thin-wall molding can result in a 50% reduction in cycle time.

3. Ice trays can inform your molding design.

It is usually easy to remove an ice cube from its tray. The tray cavities are tapered, so that’s why. Using these drafts in your mold design will reduce friction and allow plastics to exit more smoothly.

4. Resins can be just as strong as metal.

To be more specific, there’s a product called FortronĀ® with high thermal stability, acid resistance, flexibility, strength, and creep resistance. This product can be injected molded, extruded, or blown molded, making it an excellent alternative to metal parts.

5. Injection molding problems are most commonly associated with speed and pressure.

If your product exhibits flow lines, weld lines, burn marks, jetting, flashing, sinking or vacuum voids, you’ll want to check your injection speed and injection pressure first. Our team of experts can provide you with tailored advice.

It takes years to perfect injection molding, which is why many product developers work with a partner that already has the practical knowledge and skills needed to produce quality injection molded products. Preferred Tool is your top resource for connectors.