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Precision tooling, which is well-engineered and designed, is key to high quality stamped parts. Preferred Tool has a state of the art, in-house tool-making plant that allows us to have complete control over tool manufacturing and the entire manufacturing process.

The facility can build dies up to 6” long, as well as 85” in length. Tolerances of +-0.001″ are possible. Our advanced knowledge of metallurgy allows us to select the best die material. These include various tool-grade steels and pre-hardened metals. This allows us to optimize our costs by using die material that matches the run size and geometrical requirements.

There are many types of dies: compound, secondary, progressive, and shallow draw. These dies can be used for coining and blanking as well as for piercing. We can guarantee that the stamping procedure was provided by our shop.

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The die features we can create are another advantage to having a fully equipped tooling facility. These include die features such as inserted cutting details that simplify press removal and guiding details.

Two factors are essential to ensure quality tooling: skilled machinists, and quality machinery. The best tool makers in the area are among the most experienced. We use the best machining systems in the industry, from laser and waterjet cutters that are highly precise to multi-axis CNC machines with auto threading wire EDM (electro-discharge machining) systems.

We have a large tool storage facility because we’ve been in the industry since 1981. Your dies can be quickly put into production if you are looking for blanket orders or long-term contracts. We can sometimes use older dies to do new work in certain cases due to geometrical similarity. We maintain all dies, no matter how old or new, so they are always at their original specifications when they leave the tool room.

It is important to consider whether a stamping company offers tool making. They should also offer engineering and front-end design services. Preferred Tool’s design and engineering department can provide many critical value-added services, including product development and complete design. We accept all types of engineering drawings. If yours is not listed, we will work with you to make it happen. Superior customer service is a key part of our success. We will do everything we can to accommodate your needs.

Any stamping company needs to have tooling. Preferred Tool’s tooling department is based on a long history of quality. Every day, our goal is to produce the best tools in the industry. Contact Us for more information.