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Many industries are interested in producing high volumes of precision parts.

Injection molding has the greatest versatility of any molding technique.Presses are rated by size, pressure or tons.Larger machines can injection mold car parts.Smaller machines are capable of producing very precise plastic components for surgical applications.The injection molding process is flexible because it can use a variety of plastic resins, additives, and other materials.

Injection molding is a popular manufacturing process today because of its low part costs, resin options and finishing options.

We have developed innovative manufacturing solutions in nearly all industries and markets.We have a unique understanding of how to produce high-quality parts in large quantities at the lowest cost.

Three industries have been able to benefit from this manufacturing process.

Medical & Pharmaceutical

Quality is paramount in the medical and pharmaceutical devices industry.When choosing a medical parts manufacturer, it is important to consider liability and complete part traceability. This includes everything from the design phase through to final inspection.

Plastic resins of engineering grade offer excellent mechanical properties. These include high tensile strengths, high temperature resistance and tolerances that match those of metal.

Plastic injection molding offers superior flexibility in design, as well as reducing weight, waste material, lead time and cost. Preferred Tool uses uncolored virgin materials, which allows us to offer a wide range of colors and styles for your applications.

Windows & Doors

Our experience and longevity in the industry of injection molding allows us to offer low-cost, high-quality solutions.

We have a wide range of in-stock, high-quality window parts. All parts are made from materials such as UV-inhibited engineered nylon and vinyl, but also include other materials.

.Using our highly reliable resins to replace metal components can result in significant cost savings. They also eliminate the risk for rusting and corrosion, depending on the environment.Features and benefits that are unique include:

  • Redesigned parts reduce assembly costs and minimize assembly.
  • Use of high-reliability materials to replace metal components
  • Plastic springs eliminate the risk of corrosion or rust

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