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custom molds mnEvery industry requires custom molds for various purposes. You need a company that listens to your instructions carefully so that it can come up with the type of mold that would suit your needs. The manufacturing process should involve you as a key figure because it’s your plan that the experts have to implement on the mold. Here’s why the process of custom mold design is crucial:

Step 1

Before moving into the manufacturing phase, it’s important to understand your tooling needs. This helps the service provider to give you a quotation of the mold. If you can afford the price, the makers will move to the next step. If you can’t, you can check other companies that can offer similar molds at a lesser price.

Step 2

If you agree to the quotation of the company, the CAD designers will review your plan. With state of the art CAD software, it becomes easier for the designers to envision your plan and provide an accurate design of your mold. Make sure you check all the aspects of the design carefully. Remember, once you confirm the design, it will go straight into the manufacturing department. You won’t be able to make any changes later. The designers will also set up a live design review to make sure that the 3D image of the mold looks exactly as you want.

Step 3

This comes right after you confirm the live design review. The experts may not bother you during this stage. It requires a lot of concentration and fine touchups to ensure that the mold looks exactly like the design you confirmed earlier.

Step 4

The makers will also inspect whether the mold meets all the specifications and most importantly, the design that was discussed and confirmed in Step 2. If they match, your mold will be on the way to your office soon.

This process is important because it keeps you in the loop at all stages. It’s not like the designers just listen to your concept and directly move to the manufacturing stage. They will confirm the design so that you don’t need to send the mold back for redesigning.

At Preferred Tool, we follow the above steps religiously. We believe in customer satisfaction more than anything else. That’s why we sit and discuss the design with our customers way before we move to the manufacturing stage. If you want a custom mold, call us at 612 429 2418 or 763 780 0202 today.