Preferred Tool

Keeping Prices Down and Production Up on Your Custom Injection Molds

After working in tooling for 15 years, Paul Peltier wanted to build an injection mold manufacturing company that did things differently. He envisioned a collaborative manufacturing process that harnessed the expertise of his team to create quality injection molds in just days.

Preferred Tool was established in 1998 with this in mind, just as the Internet started booming. While other precision tooling companies were struggling to change their business model to compete with overseas options, we learned how to grow a successful business in the midst of a changing industry landscape. Using Paul’s unique manufacturing process, we became a leading provider for plastic and metal injection molds in the Midwest.

With Preferred Tool, you’ll get quotes that are competitive – even with overseas options – and molds that are delivered on time or early so that your project can move forward as quickly as possible!


Preferred Tool offers the following services: Custom Injection Molds, Aluminum Prototyping, Plastic Injection Production Molds, Metal Injection Molds. We set ourselves apart with Exceptional Customer Care and a one-of-a-kind streamlined manufacturing process.



Preferred Tool has the ability to design and manufacture everything from very small and highly accurate to multi-cavity molds. Here are just a few of the industries we serve: Medical, Firearms, Automotive, Fiber Optics, Appliances, Marine, Aviation, Electrical and Defense.



Preferred Tool’s injection tooling process involves you in the key planning stages and then operates seamlessly throughout the manufacturing process so that you can focus on other things. We know that every customer has different needs so we work closely with you.


Experts in Injection Tooling Design and Manufacturing

Preferred Tool’s core team brings a collective 70+ years of industry experience in injection tooling. But we don’t rest on our experience alone. Instead, we ensure that our team is thoroughly trained by experts in the software that we use – Mastercam and Cimatron. This allows us to leverage our technology to its fullest ability and to extend tool life. Safety is also a priority at Preferred Tool. In addition to their software training, each member of our team has safety and forklift training as well.

Seamless Tooling from Design to Delivery

We have the expertise to take your injection mold from design to production. Our designers take a proactive approach to your mold, working with you to create exactly what you need. It’s this attention to detail that makes us a true one-stop precision tooling shop! Learn more about our process here.